Mar 31

Review: Natalia Kills – Perfectionist

We had the opportunity to listen to Natalia Kills debut album Perfectionist and we are excited to share our review of the album with our readers. First, if you aren’t familiar with Natalia Kills, she is a British singer songwriter who is signed to Interscope / Cherrytree records. Natalia got her big break after reaching the top of the unsigned charts on MySpace and later on got discovered by will.i.am who helped her get signed to Cherrytree Records. Natalia describes her sound as dark sounding pop music. Zombie, the first single from the album was released last summer and it was followed by Mirrors. Both singles helped Natalia gather a lot of buzz for her album.

The album as a whole is pretty cohesive it’s a mixture of electronic pop songs with a rock edge to them. There’s a good mix of up-tempo and mid-tempo songs. Our favorite tracks aside from the first two singles are Wonderland (the third single), Free and Nothing Lasts Forever. There will probably be a few comparisons to Lady Gaga. I think those comparisons with the album. It almost tries too hard to be like Lady Gaga but at the same time not be like Lady Gaga (if that makes any sense). There’s obviously been a lot of time and effort gone into the creative aspect of Natalia’s sound and look. We just aren’t sold on how creative and original it actually is.

Criticism aside, there are some good tracks on the album. Just don’t expect it to be breaking new ground! Definitely worth a listen! Have a listen to a couple of tracks below:



Nothing Lasts Forever